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At this

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Chin Yo is

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Competitive Edge

Chin Yo Cha Shi has a unique management network system in Taiwan. We not only request every drink provided by Chin Yo to have the highest quality, but also expect our conscientious tea-making spirit is able to affect every single person in the society. Chin Yo Cha Shi keeps its fresh and unique vitality to create a world-class Oriental tea drinks chain brand with persistence in faith and out-of-ordinary innovative hearts. We are with you and will always accompany you to move forward.

Superior raw material supply

With strictly selected ingredients, Chin Yo inspects and controls the sources of every drink for you, to ensure the production of high-quality drinks.

Focus on innovative R&D

Grasp the market trend, develop and introduce mature technology to continuously create popular drinks.

All-time education support

Chin Yo provides professional instructors with standardized curriculum to help you get familiar with the business in the shortest period of time.

High brand identification

Chin Yo has distinctive brand image. Our specialty drinks are not easy to be replicated and have high competitiveness.

Continued and stable profits

Enhance the brand competitiveness through high quality pricing strategy. Start your own business easily and achieve stable growth.

Join Chin Yo Cha Shi to realize your dreams

People who have interest in tea shop business, and people who are willing to go together to deep cultivate the brand, feel free to contact CHIN YO or fill out the form below. We will give you attentive instructions.





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