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CHI YO TEAupholds the spirits of using the most nature upholds the spirits of using the most nature and healthiest ingredients to develop not only attractive but also tasty Taiwanese tea drinks. We want to bring such precious drinks to every corner of the world, so everyone in the world is able to taste the purity and beauty of Taiwan.



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 Mission Statement

Pour the beauty of memory into the cup

Chin Yo Tea strictly requests all the Chin Yo staff to make every drink attentively

not only because tea drinks is an art to us, but also because our intention is to proffer the consumers a chance to savor the over a thousand years old tea taste and appreciate the splendid moment when the traditions meets the new style.

Chin Yao Tea, the most beautiful tea drinks in Taiwan.


Originated from the classic and transcendent blue-and-white porcelain

Blue glaze is the very first color that was applied on white porcelain as a pigment.

It symbolizes blue sky and represents a tranquility that contained all things on earth and boundless imaginations.

Craftsmen used blue glaze to embellish white porcelains stroke by stroke and furnished with layers of bluish brightness to show the essence of over one thousand years old Chinese culture and promote the art to stand on the top of world’s crafts art with its noble and refreshing stance.

In Oriental culture, paradise flycatchers that grow a long and ribbon-like tail feathers have the symbolic implications of “luck & longevity” and “happiness.” Therefore, the bird was deeply loved by people.

A paradise flycatcher flying freely on white porcelain was a symbol representing the status of royals and nobles; that was also the heyday of blue glaze’s development.

Just like Chin Yo Tea, it uses the color of blue glaze and, through the hands of craftsmen, injects blue-and-white porcelains’ classic aesthetic into every cup of Chin Yo Tea classical drinks.

Classical flavors with innovative new tastes



People in Tang Dynasty attached great importance to tea-drinking culture

and tea was one daily necessity. 

As in Qing Dynasty, which was the brilliant time for Chinese tea-drinking culture, people paid even more attention to the development of tea industry.

Chin Yo Tea selects to use dark green tea leaves that are rich in smell and light in taste.

Then, the rich and sweet fragrance is blended in refreshing pomelo to create a baked tea that contains fine layers of tea and fruit taste.

It is just like a blue-and-white porcelain with simple but elegant white setting off embellished blue and the blue also setting off the white. The tea and pomelo are mingled to become the classic Chin Yo tea with Oriental flavor.

Using Chin Yo tea as the tea base to pair up with seasonal fruit’s refreshing taste or to create limitless imaginations with milk froth, Chin Yo Tea brings the perfect taste that contains Chinese craft and tea-tasting culture that has the depth of over a thousand years.

Chin Yo Tea, it is so nice to see you again.


Safety Certification

In recent years, Taiwan has experienced a few times of serious food-safety incidents. Therefore, Chin Yo Tea holds conscientious and careful attitude to select food materials. This is not only self-discipline, but also a promise that Chin Yo Tea makes to our consumers.

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